Reinventing you

Reinventing you

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Right now I’m in the process of reinventing my life… again.
Although this time it’s way overdue… way overdue…

How did I get to a point in my life where it all seems pointless and grey, my world seems to small and endlessly boring. OK so I may be a little depressed, but there are things I can do to help myself. I need to shake myself out of this self destructive autopilot!

So here’s what I realised: I was thinking about my past, what was wrong with my life and not about what I wanted for my future. If I did think about my future it was filled with doom and gloom about how nothing ever changes and it will be exactly the same year after year.

A slight exaggeration, but true in it’s essence, because if I wasn’t changing and doing the same old things in my life then how on earth was I expecting a different outcome??? Sure occasionally the fairy godmother turns up and changes our lives to the better but it’s far more rewarding to do it ourselves.

Finding myself and creating a new vision: That old cliché again… but hey you do change as you get older and your values change, what I wanted 15 years ago is certainly different from what I want now.

So here’s what I just did. I sat down with a piece of paper and pen, shut my eyes and imagined how big, beautiful and bold my life could be, I added as much rich detail, smells sounds and colours etc. to make it as life like as possible. My new life.

Be true to yourself, don’t imagine a fab life of being a famous rockstar just so other people will like you. Imagine a fab life being a rockstar because you love your music and the world love’s it too. Take me, for example, I could build my dream life around what my friends and family wanted in life, but in the end that won’t make me happy only my vision will.

Now here’s a trick… Imagine where you are now and imagine a line or lines between the newly created future. Mostly I was facing backwards away from it, which is obviously why I wasn’t getting anywhere and was stagnated. So I turned around and took one step towards it.

That’s all you need to do right now, but make it a once a week ritual to check in with yourself and your vision as to whether you’ve turned away and/or are taking steps in the right direction.

Once you have finished this little exercise, grab your pen and paper and write, write, write till your hand falls off (only kidding). You want to capture as much detail as possible so you have a record to refer back to.

This is an exercise for you, you may have shared goals with your partner, but it’s important to sort yourself out first. Why not both do it separately then see where you can have common goals to work together on.

Be creative, go through magazines and create a collage or paint a picture, being careful to put some pictures of yourself in the collage/painting so it’s your future. A very wise friend gave me this advice awhile ago, and it’s easier to visualise with you in the photos. So if you’re a wizz on photoshop go for it!!! otherwise just cut out head shots of yourself, partner and friends

Main thing is to have fun and make it yours.

Essential Oils for inspiration, creativity and lightness: BergamotBlack PepperChamomile German, JasmineManukaPatchouliPetitgrainRosewood

Essential Oil Blends: Finding your passion, Aspectology

Reality: Now you need to be more real about it, a vision is like a grand sailing trip, you need to grab hold of the rudder, rather than lying on the bottom of the boat and wondering why you’re just getting hit by waves and not going anywhere.

So it’s time for the Big To Do List… or some mind mapping if you’re into it.

Go ahead and split up a page into the key areas of things to change and write write write again… big things, little things, in between things that you can do, that need doing and things you may need help from other people doing.

Is there somethings you need to learn? Do you need to go to night classes? Do you need to have some photos taken so you can go on a dating website? Do you need to set up a new bank account to save for that holiday you’ve always wanted.

If it’s a new career, start by moonlighting before you quit your job. “Test the market”? as they say, because a) you may find your sideline venture isn’t quite the fab job you thought it was going to be, or b) it may take a little time to get off the ground.

Now you need to set yourself a little timeline of when you’d like to have your first bits towards your new life achieved, try to make it realistic.

IMPORTANT: Remember it’s not set in stone, you can add and subtract along the way as long as it all keeps moving. We are most unhappy with our lives when we have stagnated.

Essential Oils to keep you grounded but inspired: Clary Sage (with Vetiver), CypressLimeOrange, PalmarosaPeppermintRosemaryRosewoodVetiver

Essential Oil Blends: Empowered, Finding your Passion

When you’re stalling or the inner saboteur is running amok.

“Oh joy, I’ll never be able to do this” I hear myself saying… most of the time I go into overwhelm … it’s all to big and hard.

“Chunking” down your plan into bit size pieces (small steps) is most helpful when you feel yourself slip into old habits of procrastination and making excuses to yourself.

So I suggest make a commitment to yourself and ask yourself “What can I do today/in this moment to keep moving forward? And then do it, even if it’s one tiny thing, one email, one phone call, one internet search… whatever it doesn’t matter, eventually all those little things will add up and get you there.

Plans are all about momentum and stagnation has killed many a dream.

Then no matter what you feel in the moment – lonely, self-critical, tired, lazy, or disappointed – do one small thing a day, and keep doing one small thing a day, until you’re back in your stride again.

There’s a great saying about true courage: true courage isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about feeling fear and acting anyway.

Choose courage instead of letting your fear/inner saboteur choose your future for you.

Essential Oils to keep you moving: AngelicaBenzoinBergamotBoroniaGingerJuniper BerryLime, OrangePetitgrainPineThyme

Essential Oil Blend: Getting it Done!

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