Essential Oil Extraction Processes

Essential Oil Extraction Processes explained Essential oils are extracted from plant materials in various different ways. The major techniques to obtain the oils are described below: Steam Distillation Distillation is the most common method of obtaining essential oils. Chemicals are not involved in the distillation process, which uses heat and water or steam. Hydrosols are […]

Blending Tips and Aromatherapy Notes

Blending Tips and Aromatherapy ‘Notes’ The best way of Blending Essential oils is to understand their notes. Like music smell has notes, and it can be loads of fun making your own personal symphonies of smell. Noting the aroma As the art of natural perfumery developed, aromas were categorised as notes which related to their smells […]

Some great books I’ve read about perfume

Some great books I’ve read about bespoke perfume and perfume in general. The Scent Trail: How One Woman’s Quest for the Perfect Perfume Took Her Around the World By Celia Lyttelton. Lyttelton’s passion for fragrance inspired her to have a signature perfume created just for her and then to embark on the ultimate olfactory odyssey. […]