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Gnostic Healing and Apothecary
1/31 Chambers Place
Woy Woy NSW 2256
02 4342 0434

Aspects of Kings Park
Fraser Avenue
Perth WA 6005
08 9480 3900

2 thoughts on “Stockists

  1. deborahhb says:

    I tried to buy some of your products but your system wouldn’t accept my correct address. Can you please advise?
    Deborah Hepburn-Brown

    • Catie Wolf says:

      Dear Deborah
      So sorry to take so long to get back to you, I’ve had terrible trouble getting this all fixed. Sigh.
      Anyway am pleased to say (fingers crossed) it’s working again.
      Because you have been so patient, please accept my apologies and I’d like to send you 2 free oils with your next order (just pop which ones you want in the Order Notes).
      If you have any further problems please let me know and I promise not to take so long in answering you next time too (sorry 🙂
      Kindest blessings

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