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Save your money.

So if you’re thinking about spending loads of money investing into DoTerra or Young Living oils, then think again. Honestly considering the quality of their oils it certainly isn’t worth it, don’t believe the sales hype, because that is all it is sales hype.

I found this great article by Katherine Maslen (and another by the fabulous author of The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy S. Battaglia) which explains why you shouldn’t believe everything you’re told. Honestly considering the quality of their oils it certainly isn’t worth it.

My note to add: Please, please don’t ingest essential oils unless a fully qualified practitioner advises it. My sister recently went to one of the selling parties and I was horrified to hear that the lady running the event said to a pregnant woman it was fine to ingest essential oils. She could poison her baby!! and herself! Essential Oils are incredibly concentrated volatile compounds that are often the basis of modern medicine drugs today, so please seek professional advise if you’re thinking about ingesting it and especially if you’re pregnant..

Click here to read katherine Maslen's article Click here to read S. Battaglia's article

shelf life or your oils?

Selecting a high quality essential oil is a lot like selecting a good wine or perfume. They are rich and complex and highly evocative and each person will have their own tastes as to what they like.

Like wine, the plants the essential oils come from can be affected significantly by their environment. For instance the same plant, like grapes, can be grown in different parts of the world and produce a very different essential oils with different chemical compositions. Even different distillation processes produce different essential oils, if you over heat an essential oil during distillation you can ruin a beautifully harvested crop.

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