Catie Wolf

Founder and Creator of Magnfiscense

20 years ago I had acute Postnatal depression, so bad in fact I ended up in hospital for four months. Not so unfortunately I discovered anti-depressants didn’t agree with me, which then lead to looking for alternatives to help support myself. Enter stage left essential oils.

Gentle wafts of Marjoram and Lavender to help with my insomnia and anxiety, Bergamot to gently disperse the stagnant lethargy and Rose for the heartache of the divorce I was going through.

Now I wish I had also known about Australian Lemon Myrtle to wash away the greyness and Boronia to overcome my confused emotions, all helpful tools that may have made my journey a little easier back to strength.

Over ten years ago out of my love for these volatile plant essences I put together my own essential oil range. The Magnifiscense collection includes over 63 essential oils and 21 unique blends, I like to call bridges.

Blessings Catie

Nicky Castle

Sales person extraordinaire.

Nicky started learning about essential oils in 1994, driven by a desire to find an alternative to monthly crippling pain, headaches and mood swings. Having tried everything conventional medicine had to offer, she started visiting a naturopath who suggested the use of essential oils and the rest as they say is history. 

What she discovered is that essential oils have the incredible ability to help your body rebalance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Deep diving nto the world of Aromatherapy Nicky became a Le Reve Aromatherapy consultant then moved into working with In Essence Aromatherapy as a sales consultant where she received training from Pat Princi-Jones. 

Over ten years ago Catie created the concept of and founded Magnfiscense and she invited Nicky to be a part of the journey. Many inspiring concept weekends, planning meetings and mind, body, spirit festivals later this partnership and friendship, just like our love of essential oils, continues to grow. 

“All through life the learning and understanding of the power and alchemy of essential oils deepens and grows.”