Boronia Essential Oil in jojoba 3% 10mL


Transform your soul: Magnifiscense Australian Boronia Essential Oil potent aroma clears the mind and lifts the spirit. Boronia helps you to become gently connected with your emotions without the overwhelming confusion that can sometimes occur.

Boronia is a wonderfully happy oil for meditating with, it centres your essence and helps disperse unwanted thoughts from you mind, whilst gently grounding you.

PLEASE NOTE: there are approx 95 different types of Boronia. Magnifiscense uses the essential oil distilled from Boroania Megastigma (brown Boronia.) It has a very strong scent when it is at 100% solution, it is also extremely rare and expensive which is why we offer it as a 3% solution. 
With the 3% solution we gauge we can only detect the scent of the jojoba at 15-20%, the rest being the Boronia scent. Sometimes we find some people aren’t able to define the smell, yet others think it is quite strong. We aren’t able to explain this phenomenon in any rational way unfortunately.

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